Turisme de proximitat a Girona

Local tourism in Girona

If we go back in time we find that this year has been very different from the rest, since we have not been able to do as many recreational activities or trips as we would like. We find it advisable to do local tourism. This is due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19.

But really, we should not see this as an obstacle much less. Not even close. Luckily we are in one of the best countries in terms of climate, gastronomy, landscapes, monuments and cities in Europe. We have so many areas of interest, that many of them are not very visited, and that’s good if you’re looking for a vacation, take a getaway or just want to discover more playful and fun spaces like Lava Park.

That's why we liked the idea of ​​writing an article about local tourism, a type of tourism that will be very common in the coming months. That is why it is worth knowing tourist areas that we can visit in the future, either winter, spring, summer or autumn and we will focus on the province of Girona.

Local tourism in La Garrotxa

If you want to find a place to disconnect, one of the best areas is the Garrotxa region. Here you will not find a beach like in the coastal area, but you will be amazed at your decision. La Garrotxa is one of the most exotic areas of Catalonia, since it counts on the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone, Fageda in Jordan, the Gorg del Molí dels Murris and villages with a lot of history.

routes and activities to the jorda beech forest

A the Volcanic Zone Garrotxa we will find more than 20 inactive volcanoes. Because these volcanoes have been without any activity for millions of years, many species of plants have grown on their feet and walls., creating a very special ecosystem.

On the high side we find Fageda in Jordan, which is located within the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone. La Fageda d’en Jordà is a beech forest that has grown on the flow of the Croscat volcano, for that reason it is a unique forest within the national territory.

As we said before, we also find the waterfall of the Moli dels Murris, located in the village of Les Planes d’Hostoles. This waterfall is perfect for a summer getaway with friends. Crystal water·lina del gorg gives off a blue and green color that will make you fall in love with the area. And if we talk about villages of La Garrotxa, we find that most have a medieval origin, with stone streets, romantic churches and cultural buildings where you can learn more about the history of each village.

As for accommodation you will have no problem, since in Olot, which is the nearest city, you will find hotels and hostels. But if you want to live a more adventurous experience and want to completely disconnect from city life, what we recommend is that you come to the Camping Lava and enjoy the fun of Lava Park.