Tipus de volcans

Type volcanoes

As you know, Lava Park is within the natural park of Garrotxa, area over 40 volcanic cones in its entirety. The best known are the volcano Santa Margarida, a chapel at the top of the volcano, and Croscat, but you know the kind of volcanoes that can be found around the world?

Volcanoes are classified according to their structure or the type of eruption that present, although there are volcanoes that can combine different structures and changes to the eruption. But generally we find the following types:

– volcanoes compounds: have conical, with central crater, composed of layers of lava and rock fragments. Usually large peaks with heights exceeding 2500 metres. Their explosive eruptions usually due to viscous magma that rises to the surface, but it is obstructing the crater leaving gases trapped.

– boilers: arise because of large eruptions that plunge the central part of the volcano.

– Shield volcanoes: are of great size formed by many layers of lava. This spilled outside the central vent creating a wide cone formed by basaltic lava.

– Doms Lava: although they are much smaller than the previous ones have steep slopes, accumulation of incandescent lava and ash.

– Cinder cones: volcanic formations are most common, are small, not usually exceeded 250 meters. They tend to grow in groups on the slopes of volcanoes shield.


And you've already seen volcanoes in our area? Can you tell us what kind belong? Come to Lava Park and discover interesting aspects of our area aboard our train.