Què es l’Slackline?

What is Slackline?

One of the most popular balance sports is slackline. It consists of walking on an elastic band from side to side while maintaining balance. It's a modality that is a lot like walking on a tightrope, but the difference is that an elastic band is used instead of a rope.

Tips for practicing slackline

If you are one of those who have never practiced this sport, probably, it costs you a bit at first, since you will not have as much balance as an experienced person. So, the best option is to start with static movements, get on the treadmill and keep your balance as long as you can.

In this way you get your body used to the balancing movements. When you have more practice, start walking slowly, controlling your balance. The goal is not to shit or hurt you, therefore have no prey.

Another tip is that when you get on the treadmill or do it slowly. First you put a foot on the tape, while the other is on the ground. And you go up slowly while you still have support at the foot of the ground. This way you can control the zigzagging of the tape and reduce it when uploading, because if it is very abrupt you will not be able to stay stable.

Once you are up, use your arms with gentle movements to control your body movement and keep yourself on the treadmill.. This set of arms combined with the strength of the abs and legs, which are in direct contact with the belt, is very important., as this sport requires coordination.

Benefits of Slackline

  • Improves concentration, thanks to the fact that whenever you are on the rope and want to keep your balance you have to be totally focused so as not to fall.

  • Correct bad posture, because by controlling your body in a balanced way we are forcing it to do a good posture to stay stable on the treadmill.

  • Increases upper trunk strength, because we are performing a constant force on our glutes, abdominals and our twins.

  • Practicing slackline can improve your performance in other sports, as many sports require very good balance.

  • You can avoid injuries thanks to a higher level of balance.

  • Depending on the injuries can help rehabilitate them, as you force yourself to use all the muscles in your body and give them new stimuli.

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