Què és el geocatxing?

What is geocaching?

Sometimes we think about doing activities full of adventure, in which we have to organize ourselves very well to achieve a specific goal and improve our competitiveness. And for sure, that all boys and girls like to look for their own treasure, as if they were in a pirate tale. For that, in this article, we will talk about geocaching, a type of game that has become fashionable in recent years and is highly recommended for children.

Geocaching is an activity that involves finding treasures by reading a map, either a paper map or a digital map via an electronic device. And as a peculiarity, geocatxing, is characterized by forming a large community, that’s why when we find a treasure and take it away, we must also leave a small gift for the person who finds it later. That is, that we have an obligation to make the place of the treasure last in time.

To the Lava Parc we have our treasures well hidden so that the children who come have a great time looking for them all together. And obviously, all the treasures are inside our enclosure, therefore there is no danger. The duration of the activity will last as long as the children have found the treasures, i normalment obtenen una mica d’ajuda per part d’un monitor que s’encarrega de controlar que tot vagi bé.

Benefits of geocaching

  • Children learn to read a map and orient themselves.
  • They can learn to use a paper map.
  • They can learn to use a digital map and the technology they will use, either a mobile or a tablet.
  • They learn to observe the terrain much better.
  • Encourages teamwork and coordination between them.

If you are not a child, but you want to have a great time looking for treasures, you have the option to download the official "Geocatxing" application on iOS or Android. You will find many routes in La Garrotxa in which there are many treasures to discover and waiting for you to be part of the great geocaching community that is formed.