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We are in a privileged, a natural park surrounded by volcanoes

The Volcanic Zone Garrotxa is the best example of volcanic landscape of the Iberian Peninsula. It has forty volcanic cones and more 20 lava, This is the place where Camping Ecologic Lava Located.

The Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park comprises eleven municipalities. i Santa Pau Its capital is the most important.

Its topography, soil and climate provide a varied vegetation, often exuberant, with oak, oak and beech forests of exceptional scenic value.

To the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park hi ha 28 walking routes that pass through most interesting places of the Natural Park. Most are marked, except some of the longest, if it is used, You can easily follow the plan with the help of the Natural Park guide. The Natural Park has a wide range of publications.

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Our situation is half an hour from snow and half an hour from the beach.

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