Parc Lava Kids: Diversió a la Garrotxa

Lava Kids Park: Fun Garrotxa

Intended for families and groups, Lava Kids Park, is a place to have fun with loved ones. Found in St. Paul, the heart of the Garrotxa. A meeting point for healthy activities and entertainment in the heart of nature. A park full of joy for all ages.

Lava Kids Park is one of the area campsites with bungalows in the Garrotxa known: Camping Lava.

A Lava Kids Park Enjoy plenty of activities that will enthuse:

Circuit per a kick scooters: Clay in the park and went to the terraces that presents turf, assemble a circuit for kick scooters.

Path of the senses: a path in the mountain environment where you can walk surrounded by nature, stepping and playing different natural elements, following a circuit marked with corresponding milestones information.

obstacle course: a space attached to the side of the mountain that has several obstacles to overcome to get to play the final bell. This activity suggests a point advantage and competition. Very close to the best camping Garrotxa: he Camping Lava.

Paintball Laser Tag: an environment adapted hiding space to carry out a frantic battle lasers! A game for all ages that do not hurt or dirty. It is managed by a computer and do not use any kind of projectile.

trampolines: a space that contains two jump trampoline jumping with his individual safety net.

Circuit geocatxing: a set of targets hidden by the space to be located using a map and a series of clues.

Slackline: a space for the sport of balance on tape.

A Lava Park Kids you can also celebrate your birthday.

A world of new adventures and experiences await you in the heart of nature. A cozy place to have fun in a group or family… Welcome to Lava Park Kids!