Les Grederes del Croscat

The clay pits Croscat

The Croscat volcano and its clay pits are one of the jewels of Nature. There is a route that will take you into the youngest volcano in Spain.

One of the routes that tourists are interested to know Lava Park is known as the clay volcano Croscat. For many years the volcano suffered withdrawals of volcanic materials on your side, which left a hole called impressive gredales, and you can visit them. One of the biggest attractions of the natural park of Garrotxa.

In the area of ​​Santa Margarita, find the beginning of this itinerary, we will visit the impressive cut made in the Croscat. Cross the road to Santa Pau and Olot follow the route signs toward the Croscat, which is left of the road. From this first tranche will not be cut, only the peak of the volcano.

After Masnou Restaurant, on the right path, see the bottom of the slope where some land has also been Extraction of cliffs, they were later restored and now are cultivated fields and pasture. The mountain you see above these fields is the volcano Puig Martinyà. Quickly find a shortcut to the left, s'enfilaa that Ca Passavent, information center and reception Park, and can go to the quarries.

From the middle of the route can observe how the volcano inside. The clay pits are over 100 m height 500 m length. The original colors are darker, black and gray and then take the orange and reddish tones for oxidation reactions.

We invite you to discover this beautiful route and know first hand one of the most interesting volcanoes in the country.