Les festes de Nadal a La Garrotxa

Christmas in La Garrotxa

Once again we are at the end of the year, i approaching Christmas holidays in La Garrotxa. They are dates that we like very much to celebrate because we have, and that's when we can enjoy our traditions and cuisine with special sweets, meats and sausages from our land.

Whether to celebrate family or couples visiting the area with friends, worth knowing everything offered in this area this time of year. We reviewed the things that we find to enjoy the holidays? Come on then!

Nadal's uncle

Nadal's uncle is one of the most characteristic traditions of the Catalan culture. Kids love them, but as our tradition has also fallen in love with the people who visit us from all over the world. And it truly has a special charm. Tio is a rural tradition origin, linked with the celebration of the Winter Solstice and pre-Christian tradition of the Yule log.

Is related to the tradition of the Christmas tree, also bearing gifts for children. The tradition is to take a log, thick branch or trunk normally at the beginning of the end Advent- decorated with a smiling face and a beret. It covers a blanket lest cold. Arriving on Christmas Eve, children beat it with sticks while singing that shit gifts and sweets under the blanket:

"Caga Tio,

almonds and nougat

if you want shit

I'll give you a blow stick

Caga Tio!ʱ??

The Living Nativity Olot and Juanetas

A good excuse to visit the area and go to sleep in Olot view Living Nativity, a tradition that every year recreates the Birth of Jesus. In the Fonts de Sant Roc d'Olot will the nativity scene Sunday 22 from 18 a 20 hours. It is also highly advisable to visit he Living Nativity Juanetas, day 25, 26, 28 i 29 December.

The Living Nativity Juanetas began as a representation of children from Schoolin the garden of the church. From 1990 already traditionally celebrated as a public spectacle, recalling the traditional peasant costume using traditional Catalan.

This nativity scene involved more 400 people between public and extras, representing scenes of Christmas along a route that crosses the town and the natural spaces. A show must!

Kitchen volcanic Garrotxa

What better excuse to enjoy the tasty cuisine volcanic, the meals of these celebrations? meats, pulses, but mostly sweet beans from Santa Pau (local products whose designation of origin) Volcanic make our kitchen. The characteristics of the land Garrotxa generate fertile soil and rich, and that makes the cuisine of the region has very special characteristics and praised.

The grain buckwheat, Farró (cornmeal) and Santa Pau beans are most characteristic regarding legumes. these pulses, along with potato Vall d'en Bas is a good accompaniment to meats typical of cattle in the area. To the Can Bean restaurant find as a specialty dish of cooked beans from Santa Pau.

He lamb or sheep spotted, veal, the piumoc (a pork sausage), turnips black, cottage cheese with honey and cheese from sheep sawing other characteristic products are worth tasting and buying markets artisans and local farmers.

Christmas Concert Garrotxa

For lovers of classical music, Christmas concerts are a tradition to start the year with music. The Christmas concert will be at Teatro Principal in Olot, by the Chamber Orchestra Terrassa 48.

This is a quick note of the Christmas holidays in La Garrotxa. of Lava Parc I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope to see you soon!