L’ermita perduda en el volcà de La Fageda d’en Jordà a la Garrotxa

The chapel at the volcano's Beech in Jordan in Garrotxa

The Garrocha or Garrotxa, a secret that has been hidden from their neighbors in the province of Girona, The chapel at the volcano beech on the Jordanian Garrotxa. Within the region there is a particular landscapes of the peninsula, a volcanic zone iconic unit that extends along the Catalan province.

A volcanic nature park, perhaps minor changes name as it may have other volcanic areas of the country such as the Canary Islands, but certainly one of the most spectacular to visit in the peninsula, an example of a natural wonder thanks to its unique landscape which visitors will recognize 40 cons i 10 craters that form part of this unique place.

He Natural Parc de la Garrocha is one of the most visited in the whole region as a major tourist attraction has the Santa Margarida volcano, very near the town of Santa Pau (Olot).

With a height of 682 metres, This volcano erupted ago 11.500 years causing a rash million tons of magma accumulated around helping the birth of biodiversity which today boasts the area.

A natural full of life, much vegetation that covers its slopes on which stands the oak as its main protector.

Inside Santa Margarita, in its crater about two kilometers and covered with bushes, as if it were a secret, a thousand interlocking own any secret·by a year-old self·movie or any book themed romantic, on the mantle of grass that covers the volcanic soil is a small Romanesque chapel. This small church which is named after a volcano date of great antiquity and history.

In 1428 This small chapel was destroyed by an earthquake that lashed the area, it was not until more than four centuries later which caused its reconstruction until the end of the current building dating from 1865.

Certainly, a special place that has much to offer those who love the natural or simply want to disconnect.

Camping lava, your camping in Beech

Since the tourism Garrotxa is warned forbidden to picnic in nature reserves, so it must be done in specialized areas such as this campsites natural beech with the camping lava.

This camping right in Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park offers a lot of services and entertainment such as activities Garrotxa of piscina, horse riding, carriages for quieter, routes to 4×4 itineraries to do by bicycle for those seeking a more lively stay.
Perhaps the highlight of their activities is also the possibility to visit farm which have different packs and to enjoy all the activities.

This complex’accommodation and activities is designed for family stays, friends and also for children. Offers throughout the year a number of possibilities for your stay as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, bringing the environment to those who spend a few days in the area.

Besides, has several restaurants to offer guests the best service and comfort.

Any visitor Camping Lava Lava Parc you can enjoy any of the eleven municipalities and their relief, that part of the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa, a wooded hundreds of beech, oak inviting to make long walks surrounded by nature.

If your intention is to unwind and spend a few days surrounded by nature, friends and family, this scenic enclave can be your best choice, This park also has a natural Itinerànnia network of footpaths making it easy to access on foot to any point of the Garrocha, Ripollés or Alt Emporda in Itinerànnia.

The area of ​​tourism has enabled between two parks Olot and Santa Pau for the reception of visitors, right next to the Beech in Jordan and the area of ​​Santa Margarita so you can visit or his iconic volcano with the church in its crater or climb to the top of the Croscat.