L’entorn màgic de Lava Parc a la Garrotxa

The magical setting of Lava Parc in La Garrotxa

One of the most impressive natural environments in Europe is located in La Garrotxa. The Garrotxa region has many protected natural areas thanks to the amount of biodiversity we can find in them and the geographical conditions of the land.. We are talking about a natural environment formed by inactive volcanoes for thousands of years that surround the city of Olot and other towns such as Santa Pau.

Volcanic Zone Garrotxa

The Garrotxa Volcanic Zone has almost 40 inactive volcanoes that today pose no danger, as they have been inactive for thousands of years and have so far shown no evidence of activity inside them.. Besides, both its walls and its surroundings, today they are surrounded by diverse vegetation and very interesting fauna. This has created an impressive natural ecosystem that is very difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

This whole area is protected, so that humans do not harm this habitat with the construction of cement infrastructures. This guarantees its conservation. This is one of the factors for which it is considered one of the best volcanic areas in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula.

Croscat Volcano

The most popular and visited volcano of all is without a doubt volcano Croscat. This volcano is a bit peculiar because of the horseshoe shape it has, that will be formed, probably, by a rupture of the wall on this side, as it may expel more lava than it could when it was active thousands of years ago.

Besides, this is the highest volcano in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula, and the youngest of all we can find within this great natural park, which makes it even more special.

Santa Margarida volcano

Another of the The most popular volcanoes in La Garrotxa are the Santa Margarida volcano, which is smaller than the previous one, but it does not go unnoticed thanks to the hermitage built above it. This hermitage is the hermitage of Santa Margarida and was built in the 15th century, in the middle of the crater walls.

Beech in Jordan

La Fageda d’en Jordà is a unique forest in the world due to the conditions of the ecosystem in which it has grown. We are talking about a beech forest that has grown on a volcanic surface of lava… that’s why it’s so special. This factor makes it different from any beech forest in the world, since we can only find it in La Garrotxa.

Besides, this forest is located within the so-called protected area Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, so if you go you have to be very respectful when it comes to recycling the waste you generate during the day.

Santa Pau

If you go in the village of Santa Pau you can also discover new things. You can visit the old town, which is full of medieval curiosities. You can also take the Capsacosta Way Roman Route, which is not very well known, but it is well worth it. Besides, it is not very long, you will take 2 hours or so between going back and forth non-stop.

You can also enjoy some of the gastronomy at Cal Fésol, a restaurant where they are experts in cooking beans, coming from the orchards nearby.

As you can see, the surroundings of Lava Park are full of curiosities and, above all, of magic. That is why we invite you to spend a day with us and enjoy your experience. We will wait for you!