Lava parc col·labora amb la Fundació AVES

Lava neck park·Foundation works with AVES

Lava Park Pass·working with the AVES foundation (Volunteers Association for Sick Sanables), a nonprofit organization that provides support to families with a son / daughter with a serious illness, through the program "Together Family".

Lava Park offers the program the two companies: Camping Lava i Activities Garrotxa AVES because the foundation can offer free activities.

It is a support resource with the aim of promoting the psychological well-being of the family group, frequently used to cope with stress and hard times.

The group AVES through Lava Park and other collective enterprises·Contributors, offer stays in a natural environment 3 a 7 dies, where they promote activities where all family members can participate, feel good and exchange experiences, emotions and strengthen ties.

From Lava Park we are proud to co·work in an activity that could get help, somehow, families with a child with a serious illness.