La tardor a la Fageda d’en Jordà

The Autumn Beech in Jordan

Many Catalan traditions performed during the time that dazzles with its colors to the friends and families visit the Garrotxa. The Autumn Beech in Jordan love. This season is one of the best thanks to the natural environment that surrounds us.

Thanks to the local climate zone, we have many species of natural vegetation leaving us lots of gifts Mother Nature. From the amazing green leaves of evergreen trees to the yellowish hues, reddish brown that leave us deciduous trees. You will also find natural fruits like persimmons and pomegranates, and the famous chestnut mushrooms, which, give name to the Catalan autumn festival; "The Castanyada".

How could it be otherwise, the land Garrotxa, being a natural reserve of the largest preserved Catalonia, are one of the best destinations to go at this time of year. In this region we find a forest of some 80 hectares which has become one of the centersAttention tourism thanks to its natural wealth, purity and, especially, for your peace·lity.

It is about the Beech, a beech forest, deciduous trees. They tend to grow in humid climates and where sits the fog, but an important peculiarity about the area is that, being drier than the north, shades that catch the leaves of these trees are more reddish. Besides, falling leaves remain on the ground for longer. Therefore, this forest becomes a red sky above a sea of ​​brown leaves. This is the wonder found at come and Lava Park The Beech sleep in Jordan.

Beech discovered in Jordan in autumn

visiting nature reserve Garrotxa has become a habit of many families. Those looking to get away from the routine and its rapid pace, i find peace·peace and disconnection. mothers, the parents, children, grandparents,… They pack, take the car and set sail towards paradise found nearby Olot.

When they arrive they find a shelter from the sun that gives you warmth wind and fog, animals in the area and creating a welcoming concert of sounds and songs that only marvel all those who listen and above, are a autumn clear, exclusive Garrotxa.

This does not end here, are few options that we offer Lava Parc and itinerary; in this area are conducted tours and tours of all kinds; with carriages, A guided tour, an expert and you·lustrarà on its curiosities and peculiarities. So it is very difficult to run out of planning any day you're here.

It is estimated that during the year 95.000 people visit this site and more than half come in this time of year, at Autumn. Thus it is demonstrated that it is a very good option to consider this fall.

Mushrooms Garrotxa

We can not leave out some hidden characters we meet in La Garrotxa, more specifically, the Beech in Jordan, mushrooms. Remember that they are in one of best climates may wish, and where are·perfect lighting the sun and abundant moisture; so I grow a lot of species and types of these edible fungi which, You can extract the most good recipes.

We are the "strain" or "Sureny", this family of mushroom has several variants, but it is said that most precious mushroom Garrotxa, and in some places, existeix.Es considered the best mushroom is a mushroom meaty and consistent on his hat can grow quite (Until 30 cm), it may take wet brown tones, sepia or brown. Per-namely identify the Many experts compare it to the shape of a champagne cork, where the foot is thick with a wide base.

It is in areas where the Beech infiltrated some sunshine under tree trunks. It becomes a very good mushroom forays, ja that, in carve-lo, This does not rust and can therefore retain their color and flavor and aroma. Is consumed in all kinds of recipes, There it does sliced, There is also who fills his hat, is great·slow to make soups, broth or mushroom sauces and creams. The possibilities do not end.

We could be talking about the different variations of the same family, which used to stews, for a lot of prestigious Italian recipes, for French dishes, … but end up never!

These lands also hide a lot of secrets for you to discover you. Vine Camping Lava spend a few days with family and nourishes everything that you give the landscapes of the Garrotxa.