La Fageda d’en Jordà en família

The Beech family in Jordan

The beech in Jordan is a natural atypical. The peculiarity is its low altitude, since it is only 550 metres, height very rare for this type of trees that normally grow much higher altitudes. Its growth has been possible thanks to the beech is installed·installed on a volcanic soil (Croscat) which provides the necessary humidity for its development.


Different ways to discover the forest

visit the beech olot

It is very easy to access the area of ​​trees and is well prepared so you can visit with your family. In fact, the roads are well signposted routes are easy. Besides, You close the information center where you will be able to recommend the best route depending on your fitness level or your family, especially if you want to visit with children.

See original way to visit the Beech in Jordan

The bad weather forecast the bad start to the summer season


On the other hand, There is the possibility of visiting this area peculiar carriage. An original way, fun and very focused on families with young children. During the tour explains how the forest was formed and made strategic stops to observe the environment and landscape.