La Fageda d’en Jordà, el bosc més bonic de tota Catalunya

The Beech in Jordan, Forest prettiest of all Catalonia

Autumn is the favorite season to be interested in the natural, enjoy the purity, go to the villages of Fageda in Jordan, walking with several species and fauna with which they marvel at the view, why does the epic in which visit Beech in Jordan, Forest prettiest of all Catalonia and other tall beech belt as Leon Faedo, Fageda de Montejo, Madrid, And others 10 places of singular beauty scattered throughout Spain.

Catalonia has a natural heritage very wide, much of its territory is built by forests and natural parks constituting a fundamental role in the life of many species, especially you, that grow in unusual conditions, but thanks to ground volcanic rock and the humidity becomes ideal.
The change of season offers a variety of colors that are only accessible to those who will go to one of their many routes and paths.

He high Pyrenees, Nestled between the mountains some of the best spots to enjoy nature in its purest form.
collectors·Schools often make trips showing the reality of nature in its most unspoilt and adapted to this century.

Forests Garrotxa, a magical place

All forests are likely to be places where stories become, from real to fictitious, i the beech in Jordan is more like a story than real. All this is thanks to the beauty of its landscapes, totally green areas, beautiful city that will make you forget any. In this area the buildings to change trees with numerous branches that change color according to the season, These changes increase the feeling of "fairy tale" that covers the skin of each visitor.

With a convenient location close to Paul, The rush Olot, medieval villages around, this area seems taken from another era or a magic book, the many different routes provide access to these areas forests and natural areas covered mostly by beech, to see the most emblematic not be missed.

these routes offer unbeatable picture and unforgettable trips with family and friends, and even more impressive if you're a professional photographer since the play of light with different shades to make the area a unique place.

The lava from the volcano Croscat, the birth of all

All Beech in Jordan was born just over a lava casting, volcano Croscat, one of the many volcanoes in the area is the cause of this natural wonder, also is the youngest volcano in the Iberian Peninsula, your laundry and lava Crater has a length of 20km, flat, low height and easily accessible for visitors.

For visit the volcano Croscat, There is a series of routes in which outdoor activities is one of its big plus because it predisposes to travel on foot, bike or any means of transportation other than motor.
Visit the surrounding are is mandatory for major stakeholders in nature.

Nature and relaxation in the campsites Garrotxa

If you love nature, awoke to the sound of birds and the first thing you see is a dreamscape, maybe your place is far from the city and Camping is one of the best places to enjoy these elements.

The sound of falling water is one of the most relaxing and pleasant to the human ear, vegetation adorns an iconic landscape to disconnect from the routine and spend some time in nature friends or family.

Its unique beauty of this place already immortalized the Catalan poet Joan Maragall who in one of his texts highlighting the beauty and colors.

“Do you know where the beech in Jordan?
If you go around Olot, above the plane,
find a green and deep
as you never found in the world:
green and water inside, deep and clear;
the green of the beech in Jordan”.