Gastronomia al Lava Parc de la Garrotxa

Gastronomy at Lava Parc de la Garrotxa

One of the greatest pleasures of life is eating what we love so much. In Catalonia we have an exquisite gastronomy. Many times we like to try new things and that's why we decide to go to lunch somewhere other than our home.. Currently, we have more than 214 Michelin stars throughout Spain, which demonstrates the quality of the peninsular restaurant sector.

When our customers come to do activities, a lot of times, they are faced with the need to eat something to satisfy this hunger caused by physical fatigue due to the physical activity they have performed. That's why we, we offer everyone to stop by our favorite restaurant, the Lava Restaurant.

In this restaurant, which is located just inside Camping Lava, we can enjoy Catalan food as needed, as they offer us dishes of the land made with high quality products. And you can already imagine that this combination is a pleasure to experience what good food is.

Menu of the Lava Garrotxa Restaurant

As we said before, he restaurant Lava offers earthy dishes, which are aimed at both adults and children. Besides, this restaurant is designed for people who are at the Lava campsite during a stay and for people who are going to do leisure activities in La Garrotxa. The restaurant menu is divided into different menus, which are as follows:

KM menu 0

  • Salad from the Pau orchard with local sausages

  • Sausage cooked in volcanic stone with garnish of white beans from Santa Pau

  • Desserts

  • Well, wine and water

  • Coffee

As you can see it is a fairly complete menu that is recommended for people who like meat and are used to eating a lot.. Also, the price of this menu is quite affordable, for only 18 € per person you eat very well and regain strength. And another very important point is that not everywhere do they cook your meat with a volcanic stone, this only happens in La Garrotxa!

All cut menu

  • Salad from the Pau orchard with local sausages

  • Sausage, grilled chicken and ribs accompanied by white beans and chips

  • Desserts

  • Well, wine and water

  • Coffee

This menu is very similar to the previous one, but in this case, you can choose the type of meat you want and it comes with more garnish than the previous one. The price of this is a bit higher, as it brings more food. The total is 22 € per person.

Children's menu

  • Pasta with tomato

  • Grilled sausage

  • Desserts

  • Bread and water

This children's menu is perfect for children under 12 years, as it does not bring as much food as the adult menu and they will eat very well. Most kids who come love our grilled sausage. And the price is ridiculous, for only 8,90 € children can eat. Besides, there is another menu very similar to this one for the same price.

Small menu

  • Rice with tomato

  • Grilled chicken ham

  • Desserts

  • Bread and water

Finally we find the small menu, a menu, which as h said before is very similar to the previous one, but that is perhaps much easier for children to eat, since the meat of the ham is softer and softer.

Restaurant Cal Bean

If you plan to spend the day in Santa Pau, another very good option is the restaurant Cal Bean, which is in the number 23 of the street Bridge. In this restaurant you can also enjoy traditional Catalan food, and you can also choose letter, as there are many more dishes to test.

The dishes we recommend and know are a triumph are as follows:

  • Beans with asparagus sausage

  • Beans with bacon

  • Beans with wild boar civet

  • Mushroom sausage

  • Xai

  • Goat cheese salad