Els ponis galopen a La Garrotxa

The ponies gallop La Garrotxa

Intel·smart and kind, horses ponies are small, of thick hair and elongated body, very strong and although its size can make us think otherwise. When will we know the volcano Croscat activities in La Garrotxa, the smallest of the house and quickly become riders make those trips unforgettable moments.

Importantly, do not confuse an adult pony with a colt young horse, Items for young horses in their first months of life have the size of ponies. But their body proportions are very different. Mainly emphasize its extremely long legs and her slim body. Also the head and eyes pony show young adult does not have a pony.

The ponies have the same nobility that their older relatives, and therefore always make the best travel companions for the regions of our volcanic zone. Its origin is found in populations of wild horses that were developed outside the preferred habitat of horses, in areas where food was scarce or extremely tough climate. The small size is the work of natural selection and adaptation to the environment.

The ponies Garrotxa are willing to make you spend unforgettable moments!