Cures bàsiques dels cavalls

Basic care of horses

Have you ever wondered what are the basic care of a horse? Lava Park to have a great team that is responsible for the care of our "little". Today we want to discover how to take care of these beautiful and amazing animals.

– The place where horses sleep is one of the main points, because many people wonder what is better, sleeping outside or inside. The best option is to sleep in a stable because it protects them from the cold, storms and the sun. The stable will have a soft surface so they can rest and there is not enough space and animal s'atabali. Moreover, this space must be clean, it is best to clean it twice a day. We also need to clean the feeder and drinker.

– It is very important to your diet. The digestive system of this animal is very sensitive. Having large areas where horses can browse, move freely and feed, is best suited.

– The health of the horse is also very important. For that, brushing is very important. You should brush your horse every day, also helps to detect injuries. However, by brushing should use different devices, since each serves different areas or deeper cleaning.

– The review of helmets is vital. They bear a great weight on a daily basis, and if you have problems with them can damage your health. For that, before leaving the horse is important to clean them and do it carefully.

– The teeth are also important, This can affect their food so we have to review it in a regular.

Want to know our horses? You can perform a number of activities with them and know everything around Lava Park on the back of one of our beauties.