Coneix les característiques de les fagedes

Know the characteristics of beech

A beech is a type of tree that can reach a 35 – 40 meters. Has not much branched trunk, or thick. In fact, usually long and thin trees. On the other hand, has a gray bark Senes many bumps along life. Its leaves are usually plentiful and a bright color.

Faguedes Olot

Beech tends to grow in cool areas and fertile. Usually they do on rocks calcàcies. Besides, strength needed moisture, so it is easier to see them in areas where it rains often. Moreover, This type of tree usually has a slow growth, but lived many years.

Ayed in Jordan

They reproduce by seeds and is very common trobarlo forest areas where there is a whole group. The beech trees are usually strong and durable and come from the family of Caryophyllaceae.

If you see this type of tree very near. Do not miss the Beech in Jordan. A natural spectacle that will surprise you.