Collir bolets a la Garrotxa

Harvesting mushrooms in La Garrotxa

We are in October, one more full autumn in which we can make one getaway on the weekend to go mushroom picking. This activity will not only allow us to spend time one day, but we will also be able to share moments with our family and friends. But before embarking on the adventure of picking mushrooms, it is very important to know a few things that can be very useful to you.

Optimal conditions to have a good season of mushrooms and rovellons

The climatic conditions play a very important role in the appearance of mushrooms in the autumn season. That is why rain and cold are so important in the development of these fungi.

Autumn mushroom

However, the wind can have a negative effect on the appearance of mushrooms and buds, as it dries the fungi and also the surface layer. And this can cause the fungus to die or not reappear in the area in which it is located, since the spores then do not have the ability to grow.

How to harvest mushrooms

If you are a beginner when picking mushrooms, and this is the first time you’re going on a tour, the best option for harvesting mushrooms is a razor. With it what you will do is cut the base of the foot horizontally, so that the mycelium remains intact. And so more mushrooms will be able to grow in the future.

Basket with mushrooms

I if you are a more experienced person you can use a more advanced technique, in which you do not need any kind of instrument or tool. All you have to do is grab the mushroom or yolk and make a 360º turn. That way, you don't have to take it out completely and keep the mycelium in the ground.

Types of mushrooms from the Garrotxa area

Keeping in mind the types of mushroom species in an area is a very important factor, since we can catch a poisonous mushroom that can get us intoxicated with its ingestion. For that, from the Lava Parc, we are aware and we want you to know the different types of mushrooms that you can find in the Garrotxa area:

  • Mushroom Ceps: the mushroom strain is the best known of all, as it is the typical mushroom with a hemispherical head, and with a trunk that presents roughness and viscosity. Its color is gray on the outside and white on the inside. It is edible.
  • Bolet marçot: this mushroom is a convex fungus when young and then becomes flat and concave. Usually when it is starting to develop and it is a young mushroom it is buried, and then when he is older he comes out of the ground. This mushroom is white at the bottom, but as it goes up it has a gray hue. It is edible.
  • Bolet Pinetell: it is very similar to the typical rovelló. Its color is orange and red. And it is one of the most important in the gastronomy of Catalonia. His head has a measure of 5 a 15 centimeters in diameter i, its trunk of 2 a 3 centimeters in diameter.
  • Peasant Mushroom: his hat is white and may have brown spots, its plates are pink. It should be eaten when it is a young mushroom, as otherwise it develops a toxin called ergot which can cause disorders. We also have to be very careful, as it can be confused with the discolored borda flour mill, that this is deadly toxic.
  • Rossinyol mushroom: is a very popular type of mushroom due to its gastronomic role. It is edible. It has a funnel shape and dimensions of the head in between 4 a 10 centimeters in diameter. The margin is wavy and its color is an orange yellow. And it can only be caught when you are young, since in days it turns brown and is no longer suitable for eating.
  • Molleric mushroom: it is a mushroom with a brown head and a yellowish white on the trunk. Its head has a very symmetrical shape and measures between 4 i 10 inches in circumference. It is edible.

If you want to harvest mushrooms in La Garrotxa, you should know that it is a very good place to go on an excursion, since as you have seen you will find a lot of diversity of mushrooms.