Un fageda entre volcans, “la Fageda d’en Jordà”

A beech forest between volcanoes, “Fageda in Jordan”

La Fageda d’en Jordà is one of the 26 reserves in the Garrotxa Natural Park. Photography fans are desperately looking for this special photo in some of the most beautiful forests in the country, they can find it in this magical place in Catalonia, which is located in the region of La Garrotxa (Girona) in an emblematic village called Olot. The Beech in Jordan, it is a […]

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El poble volcànic de Santa Pau a la Garrotxa

The village of Santa Pau volcanic Garrotxa

Many villages around Park Lava born on old lava flows that provide a unique material. One has the most charming village of Santa Pau volcanic Garrotxa. We invite you to discover soon that during your visit to Lava Park. The inhabitants who lived in this region were learning to work the materials that the provided to them […]

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Anar de colònies a la zona volcànica de la Garrotxa

Go colonies in the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa

Do you want your children to enjoy and learn about nature Garrotxa? Come and enjoy the park Lava colonies in a fun way. Learn the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa is an enriching learning experience for loved ones. The youngest of the schools are eager to know where to go colonies. So in this article we want to inform parents, mares, […]

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Les festes de Nadal a La Garrotxa

Christmas in La Garrotxa

Once again we are at the end of the year, and come Christmas in La Garrotxa. They are dates that we like very much to celebrate because we have, and that's when we can enjoy our traditions and cuisine with special sweets, meats and sausages from our land. Whether to celebrate family or couples visiting the area with friends, worth […]

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La tardor a la Fageda d’en Jordà

The Autumn Beech in Jordan

Many Catalan traditions performed during the time that dazzles with its colors to the friends and families visiting the Garrotxa. The Autumn Beech in Jordan falls. This season is one of the best thanks to the natural environment that surrounds us. Thanks to the local climate zone, we find many species of natural vegetation leaving us plenty of […]

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La Fageda d’en Jordà, el bosc més bonic de tota Catalunya

The Beech in Jordan, Forest prettiest of all Catalonia

Autumn is the favorite season to be interested in the natural, enjoy the purity, go to the villages of Beech in Jordan, walking with several species and fauna with which they marvel at the view, why does the epic in which visited the Beech in Jordan, the most beautiful forest all around Catalonia and others like beech belt Faedo Leon, Fageda de Montejo, Madrid, And others 10 places […]

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L’ermita perduda en el volcà de La Fageda d’en Jordà a la Garrotxa

The chapel at the volcano's Beech in Jordan in Garrotxa

The Garrocha or Garrotxa, a secret that has been hidden from their neighbors in the province of Girona, The chapel at the volcano beech on the Jordanian Garrotxa. Within the region there is a particular landscapes of the peninsula, an iconic volcanic unit that extends along the Catalan province. A natural volcanic, perhaps minor changes name […]

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La Garrotxa més activa es viu a Lava Parc

Garrotxa more active lives in Lava Park

The word "garrotxa" comes from the old Catalan in origin and its meaning refers to a rocky, rough and difficult to walk on. Garrotxa now identified with the region's most famous volcanic province of Girona. An environment that is worth discovering for its medieval villages, by The Beech in Jordan, Castellfollit of the Rock and Lava Park ...! Modern times have […]

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Parc Lava Kids: Diversió a la Garrotxa

Lava Kids Park: Fun Garrotxa

Intended for families and groups, Lava Kids Park, is a place to have fun with loved ones. Found in St. Paul, the heart of the Garrotxa. A meeting point for healthy activities and entertainment in the heart of nature. A park full of joy for all ages. Lava Kids Park is the area of ​​the Garrotxa campsites with more bungalow […]

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Els ponis galopen a La Garrotxa

The ponies gallop La Garrotxa

Intel·smart and kind, horses ponies are small, of thick hair and elongated body, very strong and although its size can make us think otherwise. When will we know the volcano Croscat activities in La Garrotxa, the smallest of the house and quickly become riders make those trips unforgettable moments. Importantly, do not confuse an adult pony with a young colt […]

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