Tipus de volcans

Type volcanoes

As you know, Lava Park is within the natural park of Garrotxa, area over 40 volcanic cones in its entirety. The best known are the volcano Santa Margarida, a chapel at the top of the volcano, and Croscat, but you know the kind of volcanoes that can be found around the world? Els volcans es classifiquen depenent de la seva estructura o el […]

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Perquè es protegeixen els espais naturals

Because protected natural areas

We could define protected areas and those who have almost no changes due to the passage of man. What motivates a protected space? Usually some of the following: nature unchanged. Representation of natural environments. Concentration of biodiversity. Presence of endangered species or habitat. scientific interest. Biological production or biological balance. unique landscapes. Sites or species with special value.   These sites protected, com és el cas també […]

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Coneixent L’Alta Garrotxa

Knowing Alta Garrotxa

Today we want to know a little more depth in another area located very near the Garrotxa, known as the Alta Garrotxa. The most important area of ​​the eastern foothills. An area that is located between three regions: Ripollès, Garrotxa and Alt Emporda. They 400 square kilometers full of diversity and particularity. Compta amb un gran interès natural i a més està catalogada com a zona d’especial protecció per […]

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Participa al nostre concurs

Participate in our contest

A Lava Park are very pleased to have received all our activities and our camping, we want to reward you for this great summer we have given. We created our Facebook competition to get a horse ride for two people to the beautiful volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa. Would you like to participate? All you have to do is attach ourselves the best shot you have […]

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Consells per protegir el medi ambient

Tips to protect the environment

Protecting the environment is an important task, us as natural and we are very aware you aware that you can all co·work and live in a better world with simple practices. If we all get our grain of sand to improve slowly. But as you can get?   Save on electricity – Instal·the LED lights. Although they are more expensive […]

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Diferències entre vespes i abelles

Differences between wasps and bees

Many people have an irrational fear of bees or wasps, and others get very nervous when they are approaching a. This summer there has been some fear due to the inclusion of the Asian wasp in our country. But did you know the difference between a bee wasp? They are very different in both appearance and behavior, and their bites. We explain:   […]

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Tres dies per la Garrotxa

Three days Garrotxa

Would you like to enjoy a few days in the area of ​​Garrotxa and do not know where to start? We suggest some places where you can immerse yourself indispensable if you have 3 days off. St. Paul certainly one of the most recommended activities is to visit the village of Santa Pau. Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Catalonia, attracts tourists each year due to its historic medieval center, built […]

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El volcà Montsacopa, una joia del Parc Natural de la Garrtoxa

The Montsacopa, a jewel of the Natural Park Garrtoxa

We've already spoken on other occasions we enjoy the fabulous surroundings, beautiful people, stunning scenery and amazing vegetation. One of the highlights of the Natural Park of Volcanic Zone Garrtoxa are over 40 volcanic cones. We knew we wanted a bit more of a major volcanoes in the area, Croscat. Today we speak of another, the Montsacopa. This […]

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Coneixent La Fageda d’en Jordà

Knowing the Jorda Beech

As you know we are located in an extraordinary place, incredible beauty, surrounded by natural treasures and today we want to know a little more of these treasures, unique in our country: the forest Beech in Jordan. Located hour and a half of the city, in the beautiful town of Olot, we found this amazing forest. It is so fascinating that has grown on a flat, seated in […]

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La importància dels Parcs Naturals

The importance of Parks

In a world where increasingly polluted more extinct species of animals and plants, national and natural parks are of great importance for the environment. The UN warned last year that "we are experiencing the greatest loss bilógica since the extinction of dinosaurs. Cada any, between 18.000 i 55.000 Species become extinct ". A problem that worsens with age. In the case of the Volcanic Zone […]

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