Gastronomia al Lava Parc de la Garrotxa

Gastronomy at Lava Parc de la Garrotxa

One of the greatest pleasures of life is eating what we love so much. In Catalonia we have an exquisite gastronomy. Many times we like to try new things and that's why we decide to go to lunch somewhere other than our home.. Currently, we have more than 214 Michelin stars throughout Spain, which demonstrates the quality of the peninsular restaurant sector. Quan els nostres clients […]

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Què es l’Slackline?

What is Slackline?

One of the most popular balance sports is slackline. Consisteix en caminar per una cinta elàstica de costat a costa mantenint l’equilibri. És una modalitat que s’assembla molta a caminar sobre la corda fluixa, but the difference is that an elastic band is used instead of a rope. Consells per practicar slackline Si ets dels que no havia practicat mai aquesta modalitat d’esport, probably, et costi una mica al […]

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5 activitats pels nens a la Garrotxa

5 activities for children in La Garrotxa

Lava Parc is a play area where children can practice different activities that promote sports and improve psychomotor conditions., teaching very fun and different alternatives. That’s why we recommend your kids do it, Without any doubt, the following activities, which are adapted to any level. Moreover, they’ll pipe it up! Slackline A very fun and healthy activity that we recommend […]

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Allotjaments per al Lava Parc: On dormir a la Garrotxa?

Accommodation for Lava Park: Where to sleep in La Garrotxa?

Lava Parc is one of the most fun spaces in the whole of La Garrotxa, thanks to all the activities that can be done. And where to sleep in La Garrotxa? That’s why today we want to inform you about the recommended places to rest and be able to enjoy our leisure and fun activities for a few days.. Camping Lava One of the best places to enjoy nature in La Garrotxa is Camping […]

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Moments divertits a Lava Parc

Fun moments at Lava Park

Sharing good times at Lava Parc with your family or friends is one of the best experiences you can have at any time of the year.. Practice new activities, Curious games or moving the body in a fun way are healthy practices to put aside all the stress of our lives and create moments we will never forget. For that, we will explain a little about the different activities you can find in the […]

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L’entorn màgic de Lava Parc a la Garrotxa

The magical setting of Lava Parc in La Garrotxa

One of the most impressive natural environments in Europe is located in La Garrotxa. The Garrotxa region has many protected natural areas thanks to the amount of biodiversity we can find in them and the geographical conditions of the land.. We are talking about a natural environment formed by inactive volcanoes for thousands of years that surround the city of Olot and other towns such as Santa Pau. Volcanic Zone of […]

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Aventures a Lava Parc

Adventures in Lava Parc

La Garrotxa is a magical place, where you can live thousands of new experiences and where you can connect with nature perfectly. For that, our amusement park in La Garrotxa focuses so much on outdoor activities, to live moments that cannot be achieved in the city. And the fact is that breathing the fresh air of La Garrotxa will make you feel free, no worries. To the […]

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Turisme de proximitat a Girona

Local tourism in Girona

If we go back in time we find that this year has been very different from the rest, since we have not been able to do as many recreational activities or trips as we would like. We find it advisable to do local tourism. This is due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. But really, we should not see this as an obstacle much less. Not even close. […]

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Collir bolets a la Garrotxa

Harvesting mushrooms in La Garrotxa

We are in October, one more full autumn in which we can make a getaway on the weekend to go mushroom picking. This activity will not only allow us to spend time one day, but we will also be able to share moments with our family and friends. But before embarking on the adventure of picking mushrooms, it is very important to know a few things that can be very useful to you. Optimal conditions […]

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Un fageda entre volcans, “la Fageda d’en Jordà”

A beech forest between volcanoes, “Fageda in Jordan”

La Fageda d’en Jordà is one of the 26 reserves in the Garrotxa Natural Park. Photography fans are desperately looking for this special photo in some of the most beautiful forests in the country, they can find it in this magical place in Catalonia, which is located in the region of La Garrotxa (Girona) in an emblematic village called Olot. The Beech in Jordan, it is a […]

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