Els ponis galopen a La Garrotxa

The ponies gallop La Garrotxa

Intel·smart and kind, horses ponies are small, of thick hair and elongated body, very strong and although its size can make us think otherwise. When will we know the volcano Croscat activities in La Garrotxa, the smallest of the house and quickly become riders make those trips unforgettable moments. Importantly, do not confuse an adult pony with a young colt […]

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Coneix les característiques de les fagedes

Know the characteristics of beech

A beech is a type of tree that can reach a 35 – 40 meters. Has not much branched trunk, or thick. In fact, usually long and thin trees. On the other hand, has a gray bark Senes many bumps along life. Its leaves are usually plentiful and a bright color. Beech tends to grow in cool areas and […]

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Lava parc col·labora amb la Fundació AVES

Lava neck park·Foundation works with AVES

Lava Park Pass·working with the foundation AVES (Volunteers Association for Sick Sanables), a nonprofit organization that provides support to families with a son / daughter with a serious illness, through the program "Together Family". Lava Park offers the program the two companies: Camping Activities Garrotxa Lava and so the foundation can offer free activities AVES. It is a support resource in order to […]

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La Fageda d’en Jordà en família

The Beech family in Jordan

The beech in Jordan is a natural atypical. The peculiarity is its low altitude, since it is only 550 metres, height very rare for this type of trees that normally grow much higher altitudes. Its growth has been possible thanks to the beech is installed·installed on a volcanic soil (Croscat) which provides the necessary humidity for its development.   […]

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Noves promocións del Camping Lava y Activitats Garrotxa

New promotions and Activities Garrotxa Lava Camping

Every year we try to make our customers feel good about. We want you to enjoy your surroundings and stay in our camping and activities that you can do to enjoy nature and our volcanic mountains. For this reason, published earlier this year tried various offers and discounts available both on our website at Lava Camping Activities […]

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Increment de reserves en campings

Increased camping reservations

According to provisional data from the National Statistics Institute (OTHER) during November 2018 there was an increase in reserves campsites, apartaments, rural tourism and hostels. In fact, overnight stays in tourist accommodation carried extrahotelers exceeded 5,9 millions, which means an increase of 1.5% compared to the same month 2017. Upload interest reserve campsites and rural settlements These data demonstrate the health sector. […]

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Cures bàsiques dels cavalls

Basic care of horses

Have you ever wondered what are the basic care of a horse? Lava Park to have a great team that is responsible for the care of our "little". Today we want to discover how to take care of these beautiful and amazing animals. – The place where horses sleep is one of the main points, because many people wonder what is better, sleeping outside or inside. The […]

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Les Grederes del Croscat

The clay pits Croscat

The Croscat volcano and its clay pits are one of the jewels of Nature. There is a route that will take you into the youngest volcano in Spain. One of the routes that tourists are interested to know Lava Park is known as the clay volcano Croscat. For many years the volcano suffered withdrawals of volcanic materials on your side, that have […]

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Tipus de volcans

Type volcanoes

As you know, Lava Park is within the natural park of Garrotxa, area over 40 volcanic cones in its entirety. The best known are the volcano Santa Margarida, a chapel at the top of the volcano, and Croscat, but you know the kind of volcanoes that can be found around the world? Volcanoes are classified according to their structure or […]

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Perquè es protegeixen els espais naturals

Because protected natural areas

We could define protected areas and those who have almost no changes due to the passage of man. What motivates a protected space? Usually some of the following: nature unchanged. Representation of natural environments. Concentration of biodiversity. Presence of endangered species or habitat. scientific interest. Biological production or biological balance. unique landscapes. Sites or species with special value.   These sites protected, as is also the case […]

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