Aventures a Lava Parc

Adventures in Lava Parc

La Garrotxa is a magical place, where you can live thousands of new experiences and where you can connect with nature perfectly. For that, our amusement park in La Garrotxa focuses so much on outdoor activities, to live moments that cannot be achieved in the city. And the fact is that breathing the fresh air of La Garrotxa will make you feel free, no worries.

At Lava Parc we care about both children and adults, that is why we have activities that can be done together, to manage to create moments with family and friends that are unforgettable.

Lava Park activities

We would like to tell you a little about the activities we organize so that you can come and have the best time with your. Remember that you can visit the our Instagram account to keep up to date of our proposals.

Train ride through the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone

Our favorite train in La Garrotxa is in charge of making routes with all of you to show you all the landscapes of nature that surround Santa Pau and Olot. In this guided walk you will see all the most important volcanoes in La Garrotxa.

These volcanoes in La Garrotxa they have been inactive for thousands of years, so you don't have to worry. Moreover, right now you will be able to observe a large wild ecosystem made up of both animals and plants.

Carriage ride for Beech in Jordan

La Fageda d’en Jordà is one of the most beautiful forests in the world, so you can enjoy the route we organized with guides who will tell you small details that are very interesting. Besides, this beech forest can be said to be unique in the world, as it has grown on a volcanic surface, that is why it is a protected natural space.

Guided horseback ride through La Garrotxa

Another star activities are the horseback riding through the area of ​​the Croscat volcano. This volcano is the best known of all that we can find in La Garrotxa, by its horseshoe shape which was formed by a large lava flow falling down a mountain slope. Besides, if you want to connect with nature, what better plan than this?

Put in the Garrotxa

Obviously, the little ones will not be able to ride a horse, but still no problem, since our ponies are very child friendly. They love to be fed and walked around. That is why there are also routes for small children in ponies.

Segway ride

If you want to enjoy a Segway ride through the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, you can also contact us. We will take care of putting you a guide to show you the routes of the volcanic zone in Segway. And don’t worry because our Segways are made for walking on country terrain!

Adventures in La Garrotxa for schools

You should also know that we have a service that organizes the colonies of the cabbages·law. There are many cabbages today·laws that have trusted us to organize their activities, the accommodation, free time, … And the vast majority have been more than satisfied with our work, so we are a park you can fully trust.

Eating at Lava Park

Lava Parc has its own restaurant: the Lava Restaurant in La Garrotxa, a place where you can taste Catalan dishes with local and km0 products, so the quality of the food is excel·lent.

You can also opt for food in Santa Pau, specifically at the Cal Fesol Restaurant, another of our favorite places, where you can taste a wide variety of dishes related to white beans. If you are interested in eating in one of these two places, we recommend that you take a look at our article where we talk in depth about these two restaurants..