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Area Agencies for Lava Park Garrotxa

Area agencies for activities in the Garrotxa Volcano and enjoy the entire Beech’ any a Santa Pau

Area Agencies space for groups and collectives

Area Agencies space for groups and for groups Lava Parc a la Garrotxa Through these Activities in the Garrotxa, Guests can enjoy their stay in our region bringing them to the unique beauty of these natural, the volcanic area of Garrotxa i la Beech in Jordan.

With Carriages offer a walk through Beech in Jordan, one of the most outstanding Parc Natural due to its beauty where the green contrasts with the black volcanic soil that has inspired and·famous poets and artists with its particular charm, that varies with the seasons. The route of the carriage is one hour and leave every day at 10’00h. 11’00h. 12’00h. 13’00h. 15’00h. 16’00h. 17’00h. i 18’00h. the Carretera d'Olot Santa Pau km 4. Can Serra Area.

Area Groups for Activities in the Garrotxa To learn more about the volcanic area have the Train making a tour of four volcanoes: Croscat, the "Pomareda", the "Torn" i the Martinyà. The train has loudspeakers throughout the tour. It also has a stopping point where the guides will explain all of the area.. The route of the train has a duration of about 50 minutes and runs every day at 11’00h. 12’00h. 13’00h. 16’00h. 17’00h. i 18’00h. Exit road from Olot to Santa Pau km 7. Camping Ecologic Lava.

The horseback riding allow to go into a place of great natural beauty as the valley and the volcanic Batet. The tours are about 45 minutes and accompanied by guide. The price is 25.00 € per person.

We also routes ask, 30 min. 12,00€.

Area Groups for Lava Parc Garrotxa to offer restaurant Camping Ecologic Lava, right beside the train, customers can enjoy a typical local menu.

Area Agencies space for groups and collectives

We also offer a tasting of sausages in the area, and if they, can try typical beans Santa Pau.
We hope that these activities will enable customers to better understand a unique place in our country is Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.

We can tailor make packages based on your needs.






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