Anar de colònies a la zona volcànica de la Garrotxa

Go colonies in the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa

Do you want your children to enjoy and learn about nature Garrotxa? Come enjoy the colonies Lava Park a fun way. Learn the volcanic area of ​​Garrotxa is an enriching learning experience for loved ones.

The youngest of the schools are eager to know where to go colonies. So in this article we want to inform parents, mares, teachers and school principals about the idea come to our land to show them the beauty and the many surprises hidden in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. In this article where we will summarize the proposals and activities can be found in Lava Park.

Students P3, P4 and P5 will enjoy our camps unique views of our natural landscapes, the only region of Catalonia where you can find volcanoes, a special flora and fauna and you will learn everything about the region thanks to our expert team in the area. La Vall d'en Bas, the Beech, Santa Pau, Romanesque art ... School Park awaits Lava.

The trip to Beech in Jordan carriage

The Beech in Jordan has reached a level of popularity that becomes one of the main points of interest for all ages. Walking through its territory is to enter a completely different world. The Garrotxa is based on volcanic soils, has a unique and special atmosphere in the Iberian Peninsula. Thanks to these characteristics that was born on a natural jewel Garrotxa volcanoes.

Lava have to park the vehicles, with which we offer a walk every corner of the natural park known Garrotxa. The green leaves contrast with the black of the earth in which they grow, rays of light filtered through drawing shapes and colors across the landscape, animals sing and talk to each other making it a fantastic orchestra natural. For many years it has been a point of inspiration for poets and artists recognized here managed to find beauty and peace they needed to create their work.

The Carriage tour is an hour and begin their journey from 10h to 13h, i 15h has 18h, Olot on the road to St. Paul next to Can Serra Area.

Discover colony types of volcanoes in the Garrotxa

Full of emotions spirit of children in the class wearing them visit to the volcanoes of Olot and those who are in this magical land. We Carrilet or the Lava Trenet performed a tour of four volcanoes:

The Hill of Pomareda

The volcano of Pomareda, known as the "Hill of Pomareda", and a small volcano located near Santa Pau where you can see a reduced scale and detail how the lava expelled, he went, how and when it happened. Being smaller size has gone unnoticed and has been preserved in very good condition. This Garrotxa volcano lava flow is the most recent area.

Volcano Croscat

It is the most famous volcano Garrotxa. Years ago it was a source of gravel extraction for construction, this has to present an interesting opening that gives a special appearance. It is the highest volcano in the area. Students coming from settlements in the Garrotxa can see very clearly the layers that make up the volcano (thanks to the opening is vertical).

the Time

It is a volcano with a crater completely marked. This separates the cones Safont Puig and Puig Martinyà.

Santa Margarida volcano

One of the most special, Garrotxa known and visited by the Romanesque chapel located inside.

Sleeping in the Garrotxa Lava Camping

Set of Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, Students and teachers will feel at home. It is located next to the facility·Lava Park Facilities, takes care of all the details so that all visitors can enjoy an unforgettable stay. The food offered Camping Lava restaurant puts its attention on providing a healthy diet for children.

Our educational farm, ponies Garrotxa, Carrilet ... Lava Park is the ideal place for children to learn in a fun and healthy thanks to our organized colonies.